The ranching communities of Tropic, Cannonville, and Henrieville make up Bryce Valley, which lies just outside the East entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park. The area borders the new Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument and the Dixie National Forest. Kodachrome Basin State Park lies just nine miles south of Cannonville. Scenic Byway 12, ranked one of the top 10 scenic highways in America, links the towns and leads to a variety of world-class terrain and scenery. The Bryce Valley area provides unlimited recreation and sightseeing.

Bryce Valley is one place on Earth were you can enjoy the sunrise by looking west at Bryce Canyon, and watch the colorful sunset to the east as it turns Powell Point and the Escalante Mountains brilliant shades of pink, red and orange.

In 1874, a few pioneers heard about the Paria valley from Native Americans. It sounded like a good place to live with a favorable climate, extensive grazing and arable land, water, timber and coal. The pioneers settled near the Paria River and in the next 10 years several villages sprung up. Only Cannonville and Henrieville survived; Clifton, Losee and Georgetown all become ghost towns.

Cannonville was settled in the early 1880's with about 200 families, and Henrieville was settled with people from the area. Both towns ere named for Mormon counselors. The town of Tropic was founded in 1892 and incorporated in 1902. Tropic was home to Ebenezer Bryce, namesake of Bryce Canyon. These three communities make up what is now called Bryce Valley.

Water was a major problem in Bryce Valley. A real money was needed for resolving this problem. The pioneers spent two years hand digging the East Fork Canal, also known as the Tropic Ditch. It diverted water from the East Fork of the Sevier River to the Paria River. The structure, almost 10 miles long, was completed in 1890 and is a monument to the early pioneers. The water stabilized life in Bryce Valley, and allowed people to successfully farm, grow orchards, and raise cattle. How to find trusted lenders of payday loans

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