Real Money Live Online Casino

A lot of people don't realize that they can play live casino games straight from their computer or mobile device. In general, this is because players tend to think there is a major divide between traditional online casino games and the games in land-based establishments. Each of these environments have their own pros and cons, but the thing about live dealer games online is that they offer more of the advantages of each with fewer of the disadvantages because they complement each other in a major way. If you're ready to get started with these games, then check out your options here.

Live Blackjack Real Money Tables

Blackjack is generally considered to be the most popular card-based table game in the Western part of the world (Baccarat is the most popular in the East) including Austrian casinos like "OnlineCasinoNow in Österreich", and along those lines, it's the perfect candidate for live dealer play on the Internet. The way this game would work is that a real, human dealer at a real blackjack table will deal out the cards for the players at the virtual table just like what you would see if you were playing in a land-based location. The game is played out over high-definition video feed in real time.

One of the main problems that a lot of people have with online casino play is that it isolates people by not really making it easy for them to connect with other players who are enjoying the same games for conversations. The difference with live online casino play is that there are chat options and other parts of the interface that facilitates the social factor of the experience. The idea here is that you're getting all of the advantages of the convenience of playing online, but you're also getting the social interaction that comes with going to a land-based casino. As you can see, you get all of the advantages and few of the disadvantages of each world when you play live blackjack real money games.

Getting a Better Value

Land-based casino games tend to have somewhat limited comps and promotions. When you play online, however, you get a lot of options for reload bonuses and other goodies. For example, you can see Microgaming casino bonuses. Live online casino games put you in a position to play in live games while getting the promotions like you would from playing online. Again, we see the interplay of the advantages of both the land-based and online casino environments, and the whole point here is that the advantages of one side cancel out the disadvantages of another to give you the best of both worlds. That's why these live dealer games are so popular, and it's why they're considered the highest level of table game play in the Internet gambling industry today.

Chatting With Your Dealer, Tipping and More

When you're in a live venue, you get to chat with your dealer, tip them when you make a big score and all kinds of other fun interactions with the staff. In an online casino, that interaction is completely gone unless you play in live dealer games. Live blackjack real money tables are great for this sort of thing since you get to talk to your dealer directly, in real time, and you can even tip whenever you want. That blurs the lines further between the online and land-based arenas.

Simple Matter of Cost

For the player, there's a lot of overhead to cover when it comes to playing in a land-based casino. You have to arrange for travel and parking, and you have to spend a lot of extra time actually getting there and back. In the online environment, however, you can be started playing within a minute, and you don't have to deal with all of those extra monetary and time costs. Live online casinos have the advantage of letting you get into the games quickly without all of those extra costs, and fewer costs means a better chance of coming out on top.